Engagement Session Tips

Dear Bride to Be,

Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in your life, treasure each moment. It goes by so fast.

Now that you are beginning to plan your big day, your “to do” list seems to be growing day by day. Not to worry, somehow you do get through it all and it all comes together beautifully in the end.

I am sure that one of the items on your list is your engagement shoot. For most people this is really your first interaction with a professional photographer and its a great way for you to practice how to feel more natural in front of a camera – because at the time it feels anything but natural. Many many brides stress out about how to plan for their engagement shoot. Fear not, here are a few simple tips to help your planning along:

1. Choosing a location:

I recommend choosing somewhere that has a special meaning to you and your partner. Maybe it’s the park you love to go for Sunday afternoon strolls in? The pier on the beach where he proposed? A cool roof top bar you like to go to for drinks and watch the sunset? If you are lacking inspiration, chat to your photographer. I am sure they have some spots they just love to shoot at.


2. Time of Day:

I am sure your photographer will agree with me when I say early morning or late afternoons are best. This is when the lighting is best. Trust me, you don’t want to have your photos taken at midday with you squinting at each other because the sun is too bright. It’s not cute!


3. What You Should Wear:

Get dressed up!! I cannot tell you how many couples I have spoken to that did a casual look for their engagement shoot and they regret it. I promise you will have hundreds of photos of the two of you wearing jeans and a t-shirt at a baseball game or friends cookout. If you really want something casual, bring it along as a second look. A flowy, maxi dress is flattering on every body. If you love bright colors and floral patterns wear them! If you love something more neutral go for it. Wear something that makes you excited! Coordinate with your partner. Nothing too matchy matchy, but complementary colors always look great.


 4. Hair & Makeup:

Use this opportunity to go all out. Maybe test out your hair and makeup artist that you are considering for your wedding. I highly recommend using a professional as this will help make you feel and look confident, it will show in your photographs.


5. Have fun!

Don’t take this so seriously. Enjoy this as a date for you and your hubby to be, its something fun and different for you to try out. Your enjoyment will come through in your pictures.