Q: Do you have a physical store where I can try on dresses?

A: No. My store is based entirely online. There are no physical locations.

Q: How many days do I get my rental for?

A: You can select either 1 - 4 days, 5 - 7 day or 8 - 14 days. Each of these time frames are priced differently.

Q: How do the rental dates work?

A: You will choose the start and end date of your booking. I will ship your dress out to arrive on or before the first day of your booking. I do recommend having 1 buffer day between the start of your booking and your actual photoshoot in case there is a delay with the courier service. Dresses need to be couriered back before the end of the day on the last day of your booking.

Q: How far out can I book a rental?

A: Bookings open up 4 months in advance.

Q: What is your cancellation policy: 

A: If cancelled 14+ days before the contracted date of your rental, you will receive store credit for the same amount that can be used towards another rental. This credit must be used within 120 days. Cancellations 13 or less days from contracted start date will not receive any refunds. Refunds will only be given in the form of store credit. No exceptions. 

Q: How far out must I book my rental?

A: Bookings need to be made at least 7 days before the start of your booking to account for courier time. However, I highly encourage you to book your rental as soon as you know the date of your photoshoot to avoid disappointment, popular dresses get booked out months in advance.

Q: Why are all Sundays blocked out?

A: A Sunday can be part of your rental period but your rental cannot start or end on a Sunday since there is no delivery/collection on this day of the week.You will have to book around this day.

 Q: How much is the courier fee?

A: This depends on where you are located (distance) and which dress you select (weight). Please add the dress to you cart to get a price for the courier fee.

Q: Where do I send the dress back to?

A: Your courier rate includes shipping to you and back to me again. Inside your package you will receive an extra courier bag with a prepaid label attached. Please keep the extra bag you received with the dress to return it. The Courier Guy will collect your package on the last day of your booking.

Q: Am I responsible for cleaning my rental dress?

A: If your dress is in good condition after your photoshoot you do not have to clean it before sending it back, I take care of that when it is returned. However, you must remove any sand, stick or leaves that are stuck to the dress.

If there are any stains you must spot clean them with sunlight dishwashing liquid and machine wash on a cold and delicate cycle and hang up to fully dry. The longer a stain sits on fabric the harder it is to remove which could result in a cleaning or replacement fee.

If your dress got wet during your session you must machine wash on a cold and delicate cycle and hang up to dry. Please ensure it is fully dry before sending it back.

Q: Can I wear one of your gowns to an event/rent it as my wedding dress?

A: Rental dresses cannot be worn for events. They are designed for photography and are extremely long with excessive amounts of fabric to create movement. This will present a tripping hazard and the wear is much greater so they're not suitable as rentals for events. 

Q: How does the sizing work?

A: All of my dresses are flexible in size (each dress fits a range of sizes) which is specified in the description of each dress. Please ensure that your waist measurement is within the size range given for the dress you rent. Follow this link for more info: https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3OTI1NzI5MTYwOTUzODI5

Q: What if the dress doesn't fit me when it arrives?

A: Size guides are provided in the description of each dress, please make sure you check your measurements before placing your order as no refunds will be given for the dress not fitting you.

Q: Do you offer try-on’s?

A: No. if you would like to try on a dress before deciding on it for your photoshoot you will have to rent it.

Q: How long are your dresses?

All of my gowns are made with excessive amounts of fabric, this is on purpose to make them move beautifully for your photographs. Because of this you can expect that they will be long on you, which should be ok for your photoshoot which will just last for a couple of hours and is why they are not to be worn for actual events. 

Q: What if the dress gets damaged while in my possesion?

A: Please let me know asap so I can assess the damage. If the damage is excessive you may be charged a replacement fee. Please care for my dresses as if they were your own.

Q: Can I send you a picture of a dress I love. Will you copy it for me?

A. While I think its great to be inspired by another designer, I will not outright copy another dress. This is plagarism. I will happily tweak some of my own designs for you or swap one of my top styles with another skirt in a fabric and color of your choice.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: Rentals are only for clients based in South Africa.

Purchased items can be shipped worldwide, please go to checkout and add in your address to see the shipping costs.

Q: What if my dress arrives early?

A: It is common for your dress to arrive 1 - 3 days before the start of your booking, this will not affect your rental dates, you can enjoy the dress for an extra few days and maybe even squeeze in an extra shoot.

Q: What if my dress arrives late?

While I do try everything in my power to ensure your dress arrives on time, courier delays are out of my control. If it looks like your dress is not going to make it by the date of your shoot, please try and contact me at least 48 hours before so I can try and assist you. No refunds will be given for shipping delays. 

Q: What if my dress arrives stained/damaged?

A: The dresses in my rental collection are used and as such fair wear and tear can be expected. I do make sure that if there are any imperfections they will not be visible in your photos, and retire gowns before they become too worn. 

Q: What if I am not able to return the dress on the last day of my booking?

A: It is extremely important to contact me and let me know if any issues arise, I will always try to work with you to find a solution. Late returns affect my rental schedule and I need to be able to plan for these. Late returns will incur a late fee of R800 per day per item.

Q: What if I forget to send the slip dress/bodysuit back?

A: You will be invoiced for a replacement and the card on file will be charged.

Q: What if the dress arrives and I don't like how it looks on me?

A: Our dresses are very flattering to many shapes and sizes. We do not refund due to "not liking the dress", please be sure you like it before ordering it. 

Q: My photoshoot was postponed. Can I keep the dress longer?

A: Reach out to me to check availability, do not assume you can keep it longer as it may be booked for another client directly after your booking. If there is availability I will help you extend your booking and additional fees for the time extension will apply.

Q: Can I get your dresses wet?

A: As long as it is clean water like the ocean or a river I don’t have a problem with it. Make sure you do not walk through sand or mud with your wet dress, it can stain! You must rinse it out and hang it up to dry before sending it back. Please ensure the dress is  fully dry before you send it back, failure to do so will incur a damage or replacement fee.